donnatestimonial“I am writing to beam gratitude and appreciation. Frankly, I didn’t have one iota of extra energy much less charm or inspiration, to devote to the actual logistics of coordinating the removal of my mother’s original furniture with the new, in a single day.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to do a thing, because Donna Robbins did it all. She had been hugely helpful when my mother first moved in to the Rhoda Goldman Plaza (six months ago), but Donna really outdid herself with yesterday’s “operation.” I’ll spare you the gritty details and simply say that without Donna’s know-how and attention to detail – plus her impeccable furniture connections – I would have been a wreck.

So my thanks to The Plaza for having a Marvelous Moving Coordinator. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Alyson Kuhn
Another Doting Daughter

“Under the inevitably strained circumstances of relocating my mother from her apartment in San Francisco to the Glenwood Inn retirement home in Menlo Park, you were able to focus our attention on the factors that mattered. In less than six hours from start to finish, you competently evaluated the situation, calmly organized and supervised the moving process, and seamlessly recreated the atmosphere and environment of the San Francisco apartment.

As a result, my mother was spared the relocation trauma that we had feared for her, and we were amazed at being able to have dinner with her that evening as if nothing had happened.”

Most cordially,
Antonio and Sylvie Roder

“ I honestly believe the past forty days have been the toughest of my life, and I don’t think I could possibly have gotten through them without your help. Your experience was invaluable. And your readiness to wade in and tackle tough jobs yourself was a wonder to behold.”

William A. Rusher

“ . . . I fully realize that working with senior citizens can be challenging in that their ways are somewhat set, their fears somewhat magnified, and their decision-making slowed. But it is those very traits that you address so well.

Your on-location support services during the move of my 84 year old mother from one condo to another at Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California, gave me great peace of mind. Since I live some distance away, it was impossible to attend to all the details during this hectic, traumatic time. Your services were most helpful in many ways.”

Warmest regards,
John W. Hays

“Within the past year, Donna has assisted my elderly sellers on 2 occasions with a complete move from their residences into a new home in a retirement facility. In both instances, she fully coordinated their packing and sorting as well as calling in experts to evaluate various items for auction. She coordinated the “move out” as well as the “move in” to the new quarters. Using her expertise as a decorator, she guided them in choices of furniture, carpets and window coverings, as well as negotiating with contractors and suppliers on their behalf.

Donna is a very high energy, creative and capable person whose integrity is of the highest.”

Sincerely yours,
Elizabeth Dickson
The Grubb Co. Realtors

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