On the Road of Life, Drive Yourself

On the Road of Life, Drive YourselfOn the Road of Life, Drive Yourself is a humorous and concise workbook for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves or help others understand who they are and what they want as they age.

On the Road of Life covers all the bases, in one book, with simple and easy to understand information to help aging adults make the best choices for the rest of their lives. Become the architect of your future.

Learn how to:

  • Figure yourself out
  • Find out how your kids are feeling
  • Be or help a caregiver
  • Know the best way to make your house work for you as you age
  • Figure out the nuts and bolts of the move
  • Downsize in a positive way
  • Decorate and maximize a smaller space
  • Have some idea of what you might be getting into when it comes to retirement communities
  • Communication and confrontation are difficult for most people. So how do we tell the important people in our lives what we need to tell them? We can write it down. There can be no misunderstanding or confusion if the words are on paper for everyone to see. Take the first step. Give a gift to your family. Give them you!

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Testimonials about On the Road of Life:

“This book’s candor and humor provide aging adults and their families with a non-threatening platform and a compass to navigate often emotionally charged issues. An absolute ‘must read’!”
–Kevin Gerber, President and CEO. Episcopal Homes Foundation

“A great resource for families and elders. Donna Robbins provides a step-by-step guide to care planning that encourages people to think deeply about what they want, to articulate their wishes and fears and make practical plans that results from their wishes. This is a valuable
guide for all adult children who will be helping their parents with later life decisions as well as for elders who want a tool that communicates the details of how they want to be cared for.”
–Tessa ten Tusscher, Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical Affairs
  Institute On Aging

“A timely and much needed complete life organization tool.”
–William Gillis, CEO Parent Care, Inc.

“I have confronted, with my parents, many of the issues in this workbook. Whether you’re a parent or a child who wants to get organized, you need this book. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”
–Sally Quinn, Author, TV personality

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