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Moving out of a home of many years can be very traumatic, regardless of age. Seniors feel particularly vulnerable and stressed, while their adult children often are overwhelmed and frustrated trying to juggle already overly-busy lives to accommodate their parents’ needs.

Whether you are the parent, child,
friend, a retirement community or corporation, your peace of mind and lost productivity can be managed by information and guidelines developed by Donna Robbins of Ultimate Moves, a pioneer in the field of assisting in elder lifestyle transitions.

Donna conducted exhaustive research throughout the US, visiting over 400 retirement communities to interview and host focus groups at many of them. The progeny of this research was Moving Mom and Dad, probably the first book written on the challenges of moving the elderly, that Donna co-authored with Sara Morse. This evolved into national public speaking opportunities, appearances on all major Bay Area TV stations, national press and four interviews on NBC’s The Today Show. Donna became one of the first entrepreneurs to recognize and embrace the needs of the burgeoning senior population in the US.

For over 20 years, Donna has helped over 4,000 individuals and families move a senior family member locally, inter-state and cross-country. She is a consultant, an Interior Designer and the move-in coordinator at four prominent Bay Area retirement communities. Her unparalleled experience, deep empathy and ability to inspire with grace and humor, has made Donna a dynamic asset to each senior, adult child, retirement community, corporation and professional association with whom she works.

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