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Donna Robbins President & Founder
Donna Robbins
President & Founder

Ultimate Moves helps seniors with organizing, downsizing, and moving. Donna Robbins is a senior move manger serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1989. Donna understands that as our society ages, seniors and their families will be faced with many life changes that will affect the quality of their lives. Donna has 27 years of experience and has helped over 4,750 seniors and their families. Decision making, downsizing, organizing, moving and designing a new living space are just a few of the important issues that may arise. Donna is a professional speaker, organizer, senior move manager and coach. Donna served as a commissioner on the Commission on Aging in Marin County, CA for 6 years. She was one of the first 50 senior move managers honored by the National Association of Senior Move Managers as the best in the country.

Moving Mom and Dad was written in 1988 and was the defining book that shared years of experience, giving seniors the knowledge on why, how, when and where to make a move. On the Road of Life, Drive Yourself was finished in 2007. This second book talks about controlling your life as you age by making important life decisions when it’s time to make them. These books are a tremendous resource not only to families but professionals as well.

Donna is an expert on senior transitioning and consults with these families on the emotional issues they will face as they take steps to make the changes they may need to make. She has personal experience with her parents when they needed to make a move. As she always says in her speeches, “If I could get my four star general of a father to move, I can tell anyone how to do it.” Donna travels all over the country doing speeches and seminars, giving people the help and guidance they need. Ultimate Moves provides the most experienced and personalized array of senior transition services offered today. Her knowledge and background will help you make timely and informed decisions. Contact Donna by e-mail at donnaqr@ultimatemoves.net or call 510-703-7476 to “get you moving.”